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The markets for soft drinks and fruit juices Change as a constant – focusing on health

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    The markets for soft drinks and fruit juices Change as a constant – focusing on health

    Issue Time:2013-08-15

    The markets in soft drinks and fruit juices are subject to constant change,
    because consumers are always yearning for new taste trends and varieties. For
    the industry, this development has led to a high demand for diversification of
    product lines and new products. drinktec 2013, the World’s Leading Trade Fair
    for the Beverage and Liquid Food Industry, is presenting the current
    developments in the soft drinks market, impacted strongly by the innovations
    imperative, plus the latest technologies in the highly-automated production and packaging sector.

    Soft drinks are the leading growth category in the global beverage market, as shown
    by studies carried out by the market research institute Canadean. Energy drinks and
    iced teas are expanding strongly, with high growth rates forecast for ready-to-drink
    teas in particular. The trend is for high-quality tea concepts with a less sweet,
    authentic tea flavor. Milk-based drinks are also experiencing positive growth
    worldwide, and the global market volume of malt drinks has noticeably increased.
    However rising prices in raw materials for juice concentrates are intensifying the
    situation for soft drinks containing fruit.

    Fruit juice with potential
    The fruit juice market appears to be split in two: while Asia, South America and North
    Africa are recording strong growth rates, consumer requirement for juices seems to be
    satisfied in the industrial countries, with figures remaining static at a high level. In
    these countries premium quality, NFC juices and low-acid products are currently
    particularly in demand. The wellness and health trend is as strong as ever; and market
    researchers are noting a further shift towards high-quality products with added benefit
    through functional ingredients or organic features. Euromonitor sees the global per
    capita consumption of fruit and vegetable juices rising from the current 10.5 liters
    (2012) to 12.4 liters by 2016. That would mean the present total volume of 73 billion                                         liters would reach over 90 billion liters by 2016. This corresponds to an average
    annual growth of 5.3 percent in that period, so there is huge potential for fruit and
    vegetable juices worldwide. At drinktec 2013 many exhibitors are offering their visitors
    the opportunity to get right up to speed with everything that counts in the soft drinks
    What moves the markets?
    “Naturalness, health, weight management, convenience, premium quality but at the
    same time discounts: these are the megatrends that have ruled the market in
    beverages and food for many years”, believes Herbert Eickmeier, Senior Marketing
    Manager of the D?hler Group. “Modern consumers are looking for different flavors,
    which is why the popular and trusted is often mixed with the new and innovative. More
    refreshing, more lifestyle-oriented, more natural – that, in a nutshell, is what
    consumers want from energy drinks. Malt drinks have now achieved a global volume
    of two billion liters. The positioning options are, in my opinion, light, healthy soft drinks,
    isotonic sports drinks, and let’s not forget “keg soda’, the natural lemonade for adults”.

    Special Area “New Beverage Concepts’
    Innovative beverage concepts with new blends have led to unusual flavors being
    developed. Ingredients such as ginger, fresh coconut water, mint flavorings and
    Chinese red date are lending an exotic touch. Coconut flesh feels remarkable in the
    mouth as does “bubble tea” with its toppings in a wide variety of flavors. New trendy
    fruits such as elderberry and rhubarb are currently stirring up the beverage sections in
    European stores, and newly developed flavor technologies are supporting this trend.
    Absolutely not to be neglected is the look of the beverage, where coloring
    concentrates imbue soft drinks with that certain “je ne sais quoi”. In the Special Area
    “New Beverage Concepts” in Hall B1 at drinktec 2013, product managers and
    marketing experts are demonstrating the latest concepts in sweetening, flavor and
    color. Innovative drinks are available for you to try on the spot.

    Marketing ideas in the Innovation Flow Lounge
    Marketing and marketing ideas – including in soft drinks – is in focus at the new
    Innovation Flow Lounge (IFL) at the West Entrance. On Wednesday, September 18,
    2013, IFL partner Krones is presenting original and innovative packaging concepts
    and ideas. Also on this day visitors will get the chance to find out more about best
    practice examples, e.g. of Coca Cola and Carlsberg. In the IFL on the Monday and
    Tuesday of the show, soft-drinks executives will be able to pick up ideas on successful
    marketing: IFL partner Krones is addressing the question of “What raw materials are
    needed for successful marketing?” And how a glass can support a brand, will be
    explored on Tuesday, by IFL partner Rastal.

    Dynamic market for energy drinks
    The market for energy drinks is characterized by its ongoing dynamic development
    and is currently rapidly diversifying. drinktec 2013 is showcasing the new generation
    of energy drinks, featuring fruit, natural malt components and exciting tea and coffee
    flavors. For Heinrich Sievers, Managing Director of WILD, taking part in drinktec is a
    given. “As a supplier to the beverage industry, this is a fantastic opportunity for us to
    meet our customers and business partners from all over the world in just a few days.
    Again in 2013 WILD is looking forward to this opportunity to cultivate contacts and
    initiate new business relationships. In the soft drinks segment we consider the focus to
    be on natural ingredients and outstanding flavor – the theme of naturalness is now
    one of the most significant trends for beverages worldwide. Natural sweeteners, such
    as stevia and fruit sweeteners, are in great demand internationally. In addition
    beverages based on herbs and teas, which cater to the consumer desire for healthy
    products, are gaining increasing market share. For the beverage industry it is
    becoming ever more important in the largely saturated markets to offer real added
    value with innovations. And we can be sure that again this year drinktec will be laying
    the foundation for promising product concepts.”

    Presenting the “Beverage Innovation Awards” at drinktec 2013
    Drinktec has hosted the presentation of the “Beverage Innovation Awards” before, in
    2009. Prizes are being awarded in categories such as fruit juice, functional drinks,energy drinks, best additives and ingredients and best marketing campaign, but there
    are also awards for the best initiatives in areas such as sustainability and health.
    Already the industry is eagerly looking forward to the announcement of the winners for
    2013. In conjunction with FoodBev Media, 27 prizes are being awarded in six
    categories, and for the first time there will be an award for innovative beverage
    technology. The winners will be announced on Thursday, September 19, 2013
    (starting at 17:00) in the Innovation Flow Lounge (West Entrance).

    drinktec 2013 – leading trade fair for the industry
    “drinktec 2013 is incredibly important for the D?hler Group,” explains Herbert
    Eickmeier. “As the ‘leading trade fair’, drinktec is the major international presentation
    and communication platform. drinktec is the perfect fair for its visitors with a wellrounded
    marketing and PR package and the very personal commitment of the trade
    fair management. Our employees from regions all around the world are looking
    forward to many successful discussions between September 16 and 20 in Munich.”

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