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Printhead for Imaje inkjet printer

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    Printhead for Imaje inkjet printer

    Issue Time:2013-09-10

    Hongxin Machinery Co.,Ltd supply you high quality with competitive price for following industrial ink jet printer parts: Ink Jet Filter,Cij Compatible Filters,Cij Willett Filters,Cij Hitachi Filters, Cij Videojet Filters,Cij Citronix Filters, Cij Linx Filters,Cij Compatible Spare Parts,Sealing Machine,Aluminium Inductive Sealer Machine, small character ink, industrial ink jet ink,continuous ink jet ink ,DOD ink,cij ink,cij make-up, cij solvent, cleanning solution,ink jet compatible consumables,Printing Ink & Paint Raw Material,Plastic Container,Ink Cartridges,Blank Bottles for Domino,Willett,Videojet,Linx,Imaje,Hitachi,EBS,Metronic,Critronix continuous inkjet printer machine.We have many qualified administrating, technology and processing staff. Our goal is to offer various high quality products to the global purchasers.We are expert in international trade for many years, while our products have been sold to many countries and districts, including European, America, Japan, and so on.


    ENR16085SparesPRINT MOD-S4-1G-L=3-REPLACE喷头-S4  单嘴G, 3米(平面检测极)R
    ENR16093SparesPRINT MOD-S4-2G-L=5-REPLACE喷头-S4  双嘴G, 5米(平面检测极)R
    ENR16096SparesPRINT MOD-SI-2G-L=3-REPLACE喷头 S4SI 双嘴G,  3米(中分检测极)R
    ENR16097SparesPRINT MOD-SI-1G-L=3-REPLACE喷头 S4SI 单嘴G, 3米(中分检测极)R
    ENR17985SparesPRINT MOD-S4-2G-L=8.35-REPLACE喷头-S4  单嘴G, 8.35米(平面检测极)R
    ENR7347SparesPRINT MOD-SI-1M-L=3-REPLACE喷头 S4SI 单嘴M, 3米(中分检测极)R
    ENR7349SparesPRINT MOD-SI-2M-L=3-REPLACE喷头 S4SI 双嘴M3米(中分检测极)-R

    A13593Printers & OptionsPCMCIA CARD 512KB BLANKPCMCIA 记忆卡 512KB (空白)
    A14115SparesUPGRADE KIT-V24/RS232-S4 PLUSS4 PLUS COM2/COM3至工业接口板的电缆

    A26968SparesIC-MEM_DISK ON CHIP_8Mo8M Disk On Chip
    ENM14114SparesRibbon Cable V24 / RS232S8 V24 /RS232电线
    ENM14252SparesS4/S8main filter -complete (since 95Feb)S4/S8电源滤波器 ( since Feb 95)
    ENM16586SparesS8 Key (electronic compartment)S8/9040 电路舱-
    ENM19617SparesS8 Classic Keyboard (import machine)S8 CLASSIC键盘(进口机)
    ENM20209SparesCable for S8 ink circuit油墨管路电缆
    ENM20328SparesRibbon Cable - motor control board (for IP65)马达板电缆(IP65)
    ENM20491SparesRibbon Cable - motor control board (except IP65)马达板扁平电缆(IP65)
    ENM23970SparesS8 Master Keyboard (Chinese key)S8 CLASSIC/MASTER中文键盘
    ENM36687SparesMAIN BOARD-1 JET-1 HEAD-RohsS8/C2单嘴机主板
    ENM36688SparesMAIN BOARD-2 JET-1 HEAD-RohsS8双嘴机主板
    ENM37078SparesKEYBOARD-S8C2-CHINESES8 C2中文键盘
    ENM38654SparesUPGRADE KIT升级套件(需要G01软件)
    ENR19915SparesS8 Main Board , Monojet - replaceS8 单嘴主板 R (可被ENM36687替代)
    ENR19916SparesS8 Main Board , Twinjet - replaceS8 双嘴主板 R(可被ENM36688替代)

    ENM34945SparesAUTOMATIC MAIN SUPPLY-90409040电源板
    ENM36390SparesKEY BOARD -CHINESE9040中文键盘
    ENM36470SparesBOARD-PIGM INK-9040-CONTRASTContrast搅拌电机板
    ENM36684SparesMAIN BOARD-9040-SC-Rohs9040S机主板
    ENM36789SparesBOARD-INDUSTR.INTERF-9040-1 HD9040简单工业接口板-单头机 ,103月后C2
    ENM36790SparesBOARD-INDUSTR.INTERF-9040-COMP9040复杂工业接口板(带并口)-双头机 ,103月后C2
    ENM36793SparesRIBBON CABLE-IND INT/PR BOARD主板到工业接口板电缆
    ENM36829SparesRIBBON CABLE-V24-9040-HEAD 2喷头2 V24/RS232扁平电缆
    ENM36830SparesRIBBON CABLE-V24-9040-HEAD 1喷头1 V24/RS232扁平电缆
    ENM36831SparesRIBBON CABL-MAIN BOARD-PC-9040PC板到主板扁平电缆
    ENM37237SparesDISPLAY LCDLCD(S8C2适用)
    ENM37883SparesBOARD UI 90409040 PC,103月后C2

    ENM11075SparesS8 key ink circuit compartmentS8 管路舱-
    ENM13765SparesS8 connector - T4.8 - 2.7-2.7-4.8S8 连接接头 
    ENM20194SparesAnti Pulse Bellows波纹缓冲器
    ENM20199SparesS8 strainer additive tank with seal (G,M)S8 添加剂箱过滤器块 (G,M)
    ENM20200SparesS8 Additive tankS8 添加剂箱
    ENM20213SparesS8 Master PWR cable- condenser/FanS8 MASTER 电源线-冷凝器/风扇
    ENM20215SparesS8 Interface pressure / temperatureS8 接口压力/温度
    ENM20342SparesS8 pressure / temperature sensor G & M headS8 压力/温度传感器( G,M)
    ENM20371SparesLock and Cam - ink circuit compartmentS8 油墨管路舱锁及锁舌
    ENM20842SparesOne Way Valve (G, M, P head)单向阀(G,M,P) 喷头后部

    ENR20330SparesPRINT MOD-S8-1G-L=3 FLAT-REPLACE喷头-S8  单嘴G, 3米(平面检测极)
    ENR25602SparesPRINT MOD-S8-1P-L=3喷头-S8  单嘴P, 3米(平面检测极)
    ENR20331SparesPRINT MOD-S8-2G-L=3 FLAT-REPLACE喷头-S8  双嘴G, 3米(平面检测极)
    ENR20332SparesPRINT MOD-S8-1G-L=5 FLAT-REPLACE喷头-S8  单嘴G, 5米(平面检测极)
    ENR20333SparesPRINT MOD-S8-2G-L=5 FLAT-REPLACE喷头-S8  双嘴G, 5米(平面检测极)
    ENR20334SparesPRINT MOD-S8-1G-L=8 FLAT-REPLACE喷头-S8  单嘴G, 8米(平面检测极)
    ENR20335SparesPRINT MOD-S8-2G-L=8 FLAT-REPLACE喷头-S8  双嘴G, 8米(平面检测极)
    ENR20336SparesPRINT MOD-S8-1M-L=3 FLAT-REPLACE喷头-S8  单嘴M, 3米(平面检测极)
    ENR20509SparesPRINT MOD-S8-2M-L=3 SPLIT-REPLACE喷头-S8  双嘴M, 3米(平面检测极)
    ENR36399SparesPRINT MOD-9040-1M-L=5-REPLACE喷头-S8  单嘴M, 5


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