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Supply Markem Imaje S7 inkjet printer parts

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    Supply Markem Imaje S7 inkjet printer parts

    Issue Time:2013-10-17


    Hongxin Machinery Co.,Ltd supply you high quality with competitive price for following industrial ink jet printer parts: Ink Jet Filter,Cij Compatible Filters,Cij Willett Filters,Cij Hitachi Filters, Cij Videojet Filters,Cij Citronix Filters, Cij Linx Filters,Cij Compatible Spare Parts,Sealing Machine,Aluminium Inductive Sealer Machine, small character ink, industrial ink jet ink,continuous ink jet ink ,DOD ink,cij ink,cij make-up, cij solvent, cleanning solution,ink jet compatible consumables,Printing Ink & Paint Raw Material,Plastic Container,Ink Cartridges,Blank Bottles for Domino,Willett,Videojet,Linx,Imaje,Hitachi,EBS,Metronic,Critronix continuous inkjet printer machine.We have many qualified administrating, technology and processing staff. Our goal is to offer various high quality products to the global purchasers.We are expert in international trade for many years, while our products have been sold to many countries and districts, including European, America, Japan, and so on.



    ConsumablesEMPTY CARTRIDGE-DEPR 9002 (X4)800ml空油墨袋(X4)
    A19384SparesCARTRIDGE HOLDER(X2)-BIG CAPACS7 油墨盒(0.8 L)
    A35532SparesFILTER KIT S7S7过滤器
    ENM4263SparesSET O-RINGS EPT 3-1.8S7 密封圈 3-1.8(打印模块和油墨模块连接处)
    ENM5500SparesCOLLECTOR-PRINT MODULE-G AND M油墨模块与打印模块管路连接头(在打印模块上)
    ENM6181SparesSEAL(X5M)-SILICON D2.1-G & M油墨模块上部密封胶垫 (x5)
    ENM6182SparesPLUG(X20)-KAPSTO平面堵塞(U5\U6) (x20)
      S7 S7S 部件组块 (如喷头、油墨管路、控制组块) 
    A13069Printers & OptionsCASSETTE-SIMPLE IND INTERFACES7S简单工业界面盒
    A13071Printers & OptionsCASSETTE-COMPL IND INTERFACES7S完整工业界面盒
    A13073Printers & OptionsCASSETTE-COMPL EXT-BLANKS7S完整扩展盒(芯片空白)
    A16624Printers & OptionsCASSETTE-SIMPL EXT-BLANKS7S简单扩展盒 (芯片空白)
    EN5280Printers & OptionsHAND HELD TERMINAL-S7S721GM...手控键盘(完整)
    ENR13487SparesPRINT MOD-S7-1M-BASE 2-REPLACE喷头模块 S7/S7S 单嘴M    醇基 (中分检测极)R
    ENR13488SparesPRINT MOD-S7-2M-BASE 2-REPLACE喷头模块 S7/S7S 双嘴M    醇基 (中分检测极)R
    ENR13489SparesMODULE-INK-BASE 2-REPLACEMENT油墨模块 S7/S7S ( 醇基油墨)  R
    ENR16100SparesPRINT MOD-S7-2G-TYPE S-REPLACE喷头模块 S7/S7S 双嘴G    酮基  (平面检测极) R
    ENR16101SparesPRINT MOD-S7-1G-BASE 1-REPLACE喷头模块 S7/S7S 单嘴G    酮基  (平面检测极) R
    ENR16133SparesPRINT MOD-S7-1G-TYPE W-REPLACE喷头模块 S7/S7S 单嘴G    水基  (平面检测极) R
    ENR18763SparesS7 PRIMA com.mod -replace控制模块 PRIMA  R
    ENR19693SparesS7 range com.mod (mono) -replace控制模块 Sigma,Mega,Supra 单嘴  R
    ENR19694SparesS7 range com.mod (bijet) -replace控制模块 Sigma,Mega,Supra 双嘴  R
    ENR19831SparesHandheld terminal (Chinese)-replaceS7Sigma,Mega,Supra 中文键盘 R
    ENR27359SparesR7 S7 ink module base 1-replace油墨模块 R7S7 (酮基油墨) R
    ENR27362SparesR7 S7  1G print module - replace喷头模块  R7S7 单嘴G     酮基  (平面检测极) R
    ENR27368SparesR7 S7  1M print module - replace喷头模块  R7S7 单嘴M    酮基  (平面检测极) R
    ENR5156SparesPRINT MOD-S7-2M-BASE 1-REPLACE喷头模块 S7/S7S 双嘴M   (中分检测极)R
    ENR5157SparesPRINT MOD-S7-1M-BASE 1-REPLACE喷头模块 S7/S7S 单嘴M   (中分检测极)R
    ENR5491SparesR-Ink module Base 1R6 油墨模块 S7/S7S ( 酮基油墨)  R
    ENR7233SparesMODULE-INK-TYPE C7-REPLACE油墨模块 S7/S7S(水基油墨〕R
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