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Spare parts for Imaje 4040 carton printer

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    Spare parts for Imaje 4040 carton printer

    Issue Time:2013-11-12

    The Imaje 4040 is a high definition ink-jet printer designed for porous surfaces, such as cardboard boxes. It will print text, graphics and barcodes. The piezoelectric printhead has 128 or 500 addressable channels with a vertical resolution of 180 dpi (7 dots per millimetre). It can print even barcodes at speeds of up to 45m per minute. The 4040 has 10.4” (27cm) VGA screen, a qwerty keyboard and uses the Windows XP operating system. Imaje says the 4040 is easily integrated into packaging lines.


    Following is spare parts for Imaje inkjet 4040 printer .


    0251046SparesMOTOR,GEAR 190:1 3500 RPM@24V马达
    0672622SparesPRINT HEAD VOLT II BOARD打印板
    0694656SparesVPC FILTERVPC过滤器
    0694935SparesVPC SOLENOIDVPC电磁阀
    0695036SparesPUMP DIAPHRAGM 24VAC真空泵
    0695885SparesVPC PUMP MICROVPC高泵
    0712075ConsumablesCARTON OF PH WIPES擦拭布4盒
    0828759SparesI/O PANEL ASSY接口板
    10012473AccessoryIP65 ENCODER AND MOUNTING BRACKET 同步器
    10033008Spares5200 DIGITAL CONTROL BOARD 数字控制板
    10039269SparesKEY PAD键盘
    1280149ConsumablesINK DRIP TRAYS (BOX OF 50)托盘
    2170558SparesDISPLAY LCD显示屏
    CH20000101SparesLOW INK LED ASSY IMAJE4040低液位LED灯组件
    CH20002101AccessoryCABLE-PRODUCT DETECTOR/ENCODER传感器/同步器电缆(双传感器使用)
    CH20002501SparesCABLE LINKING打印板串联电缆
    CT30000101SparesCONTROLLER-1HEAD-IMAJE 40404040控制器
    EC10000202SparesPRESSURE SWITCH IMAJE4040压力传感器
    EC10000701SparesPOWER SUPPLY LOW VOLTAGE 4040低压电源板
    EC10000702SparesPOWER SUPPLY 12V 404012V电源板
    EC20000401SparesRETROFIT KIT压力传感器组件
    FM10001001SparesTRAY INK TANK SOLV BASE OFFSET溶剂基墨袋托盘
    FM10005001SparesTRAY INK TANK OIL BASE CENTER油基墨袋托盘
    FM20000401SparesTRAY ASSEMBLY IDS SOLVENT BASE溶剂基墨袋托盘(带过滤器)
    FM20000402SparesTRAY ASSEMBLY IDS OIL BASE油基墨袋托盘(带过滤器)
    ID20002902AccessoryINK SYSTEM-XJ128-OIL BASEDXJ128油基油墨系统
    ID20002903AccessoryINK SYSTEM-XJ128-SOLVENT BASEXJ128溶剂基油墨系统
    ID30000101SparesPRINT MODULE-XJ500-OIL BASEDXJ500油基打印模块
    ID30000102SparesPRINT MODULE-XJ500-SOLV BASEDXJ500溶剂基打印模块
    ID30000103SparesPRINT MODULE-XJ500 NO TRAYXJ500油墨系统(没有打印头,墨袋托盘)
    ID30000201SparesPRINT MODULE-XJ128-OIL BASEDXJ128油基打印模块
    ID30000202SparesPRINT MODULE-XJ128-SOLV BASEDXJ128溶剂基打印模块
    MP10001801SparesKEYPAD IMAJE 40404040键盘
    MP10001804SparesKEYPAD INSERT 40404040键盘标签
    MP10002104SparesDISPLAY 40404040显示器
    MP10003004SparesHARD DRIVE-IMAJE 4040-XP PRO硬盘-嵌入式WindowsXP
    MP10008506SparesCURATIVE SPARE PARTS KIT维修备件组件
    MP10008507SparesINK FILTER KIT4040过滤器
    MP20000401SparesFAN 12V 80MM IMAJE 404012V风扇
    MP20001101SparesUPGRADE KIT TO 800MHZ EXCL CPUCPU升级组件
    MP20001301SparesLOW INK SENSOR REPLACEMENT KIT低液位传感器更换组件
    MP20001601SparesFILTER FAN IMAJE 4040 (X4)风扇滤网
    PC10000201SparesDISPLAY INVERTER显示器电压转换板
    PC20000302SparesCIRCUIT ASSEMBLY 800 MHZ800MHZ电路板组件
    PC20000501SparesCIRCUIT BOARD ASSY IDS2/128XJ128电路板(油墨系统内)
    PM20000201SparesSENSOR FLOAT ASSY IMAJE 4040液位传感器
    PM20001101SparesSOLENOID ASSY IMAJE 4040电磁阀组件
    PM20001601SparesHAND PUMP ASSY IDS2/500手泵(XJ500)
    PM30000401SparesINK FILTER ASSY IMAJE4040过滤器组件(托盘下)
    SS10000301SparesPOINTING DEVICE IMAJE 4040鼠标块
    SS10000401AccessoryPRODUCT DETECTOR-40404040传感器
    SS10000501AccessorySHAFT ENCODER-40404040同步器

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