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003-1109-002 Gutter Filter for Citronix Continious Ink Jet

003-1109-002 Gutter Filter for Citronix Continious Ink Jet

003-1109-002 Gutter Filter for Citronix Continious Ink Jet
CategoriesOther inkjet parts
BrandDomino Markem Imaje Willett Videojet Linx Hitachi
FOB portGuangzhou
Terms of PaymentL/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Update Time2021-07-24
Detail Information

Part number :  003-1109-002

Description: Gutter Filter for Citronix Continious Ink Jet

Suitable : For citronix inkjet printer parts

NOPart NumberDescription
1015-2006-002Encoder Kit, Shaft
2015-2011-001Beacon, Alarm 3 Stage
3015-2009-002Air Kit, Integral Printhead - 2 Pin (2004-2008)
4005-2011-001Wash Station, Printhead
5005-2008-003Mounting Kit, Printhead Floor
6003-2035-001Flush, Kit for 2008+ Systems
7003-2034-001Flush, Kit for 2003-2007 Systems
8014-2001-004Kit, ciSeries Specialized Tool(includes: The following listed specialty tools )
9014-1032-001Loupe, Eye Piece (included in kit)
10014-1051-001Wrench, Allen Key 1/16" (included in kit)
11014-1078-001Wrench, Allen Key .035" (included in kit)
12014-1067-001Wrench, Allen Key 3/16" (included in kit)
13014-1066-001Wrench, Allen Key 5/32" (included in kit)
14014-1075-001Screwdriver, Phillips # 0 (included in kit)
15014-1080-001Cutter, Side Cutters (included in kit)
16014-1052-001Cutter, Tubing (included in kit)
17014-1076-001Flashlight, Service (included in kit)
18014-1040-001Pliers, Flat Nose (included in kit)
19022-1014-001Cable, Shielded RS232/RS485 10 feet
20022-1015-001Cable, Shielded RS232/RS485 25 feet
21022-1016-001Cable, Shielded RS232/RS485 50 feet
22022-1019-001Cable, Cat 5 Ethernet Patch 50 feet
23003-2014-004Kit, Filter Maintenance (ci700 / ci1000)
24003-2015-004Kit, Filter Maintenance (ci500)
25004-1015-001Filter, Small Air, (1 ea) 2003-2006 models
26004-1015-002Filter, Large Air (1 ea) 2007-2008 + models
27003-1016-001Filter, Main Ink Capsule
28003-1018-001Filter, Makeup
29003-1109-002Filter, Gutter
30003-1177-001Filter, Feed
31005-2009-002Hand Transport, Print Sample
32012-1001-003Manual, Operation Guide ciSeries
33012-1002-001Manual, Technical Service ciSeries
34004-1059-001Fuse, Mains 5x20 3.15amp
35004-1060-001Fuse, 2 Amp Pico (F1, F3, F4)
36004-1064-001Fuse, .5 Amp Pico (F2)
37004-1061-001Battery, 3V Backup Lithium
38002-1083-003Nozzle, Printhead 65 micron
39100-0011-001PCB, CPU Tested
40004-1002-001PSU, High Voltage
41004-1029-001Power Supply, DC
42004-1001-001Fan, Cooling
43004-2012-001Display, Quarter VGA
44003-1005-001Pump, Head
45003-1006-001Pump, Motor
46003-1023-001Valve, Ink Manifold 2 Way
47003-1024-001Valve, Ink Manifold 3 Way
48002-1073-002PCB, Phase Amp/Sensor Assy
49003-1025-001Valve, PH
50003-1055-001Feet, Rubber Cabinet Each
51003-1047-002Latch, Door ci1000 2003-2005
52004-1005-001Switch, Power
53004-1004-001Filter, Mains EMI
54022-1009-002Cable Assy, Fan
55022-1008-003Cable Assy, PSU/CPU
56022-1007-002Cable Assy, PSU/EMI
57022-1010-003Cable Assy, CPU/HV Module
58022-1011-003Cable Assy, CPU/Pump
59022 1001 002Cord, Mains US Adapter
60022-1028-001Cord, Mains EURO Adapter
61004-1028-001Guard, Fan
62004-1047-001Cover, Fan Filter 2003-2006 (small)
63004-1047-002Cover, Fan Filter 2008 (large)
64004-1003-001Holder, Fuse
65004-1058-001Seal, Fuse Holder
66100-0011-002PCB, CPU Tested specify machine type at ordering
67004-1010-001Keyboard,Membrane English (Gray)
68004-1010-004Keyboard,Membrane English (white)
69004-1027-005Gasket,EMI Controller
71004-1057-001Lanyard,12" Nylon Coated
72004-1055-001Hinge,Cabinet Left
73004-1056-001Hinge, Cabinet Right
74004-1050-001Cover, Pump Motor
75003-1097-001O-ring, Teflon Pump Mounting
76004-1078-002Air Manifold Assembly
77004-1079-001Plate, Air Adapter, ci2000
78004-1084-001Filter, Suction, ci2000
79004-1085-001Switch, Air Pressure
80004-1088-001Filter, Air Assembly
81002-1002-004Bracket, Drop Generator 2003-2006
82002-1002-005Bracket, Drop Generator 2007
83002-1002-006Bracket, Drop Generator 2008
84002-1008-006Electrode, Charge
85002-2012-001Cover, Printhead Front 2003-2006
86002-2023-001Cover Printhead Front 2006 micro
87002-2012-002Cover, Printhead Front 2007/8 (all)
88002-1011-004Cover, Printhead Back
89002-1012-003Plate, Deflector GND
90002-1091-001Plate, Deflector GND - micro
91002-2005-001Assy, Deflector Plate +
92002-2022-001Assy, Deflector Plate + Micro
93019-1501-001Screw, Thumb Printhead 2007
94002-1086-001Nozzle, Printhead 40 2003-2007
95002-1110-001Nozzle, Printhead 50 2003-2007
96002-2025-002Nozzle, Plate 65 2008
97002-2026-002Nozzle, Plate 40 2008
98002-2027-002Nozzle, Plate 50 2008
99002-2021-001Kit, Printhead Screw 2003-2006
100002-2021-002Kit, Printhead Screw 2007
101002-2021-003Kit, Printhead Srew 2008
102002-1031-001Tubing, Printhead 1/8*1/16 (per foot)
103002-2001-002Assembly, Printhead 65 2008
104002-2016-002Assembly, Printhead 65 90D 2008
105002-2028-002Assembly, Printhead 65 15ft 2008
106002-2017-002Assembly, Printhead 40 2008
107002-2018-002Assembly, Printhead 40 90D 2008
108002-1034-001O-Ring, Catcher Barb
109002-1017-001Fitting, Barb
110002-1013-003Block, Gutter
111002-2007-001Sensor, Gutter
112002-1098-001Connector, IDC Printhead Wires
113002-1118-001Cam, Jet Alignment 2008
114002-1003-003Manifold, Printhead Valve
115002-1029-001Gasket, Printhead Valve
116002-2008-002Strobe, Assy Block
117002-2002-001Assy, Drop Generator 2003-2007
118002-2002-003Assy, Drop Generator 2008
119002-2014-001Block, Drop Generator 2003-2007
120002-2014-002Block, Drop Generator 2008
121002-2013-001Probe, Resonator 2003 - 2007
122002-1103-001Plug, Resonator (thin 2003-2007)
123002-1104-001Plug, Resonator (thick 2003-2007)
124002-1021-002Plug, Resonator Probe 2008
125002-1100-001O-Ring, Resonator Seal 2003-2007
126002-1100-002O-Ring, Resonator Seal 2008
127002-2009-001Assembly, Lid Switch
128002-1102-001Post, Printhead
129002-2024-001HV Resistor, Kit Printhead
130002-1033-001Contact, Solder Charge Cable
131003-1155-001Pump, Head Heavy Pigment
132003-2026-001Restrictor, Kit ciSeries
133003-2027-001Restrictor, Kit ciSeries micro
134003-2028-001Restrictor, Kit Heavy Pigment
135003-1013-001Fitting, Straight Male
136003-1131-001Pickup, Tube Adapter
137003-1021-001Cap, Tank (Black)
138003-1105-001Cap, Tank (Yellow)
139003-1081-001Tubing, Teflon 1/4*1/8
140003-2033-001Pump, Solvent Flush
141003-1162-001Fitting, 1/4-28  10-32
142003-1099-001Fitting, Straight 1/8" OD Tube
143019-1028-001Screw, Back Cover
144003-1106-001Cap, Tank Adapter
145003-1028-001Fitting, 1/4" "L" Male
146003-1042-001O-ring, Pressure Trans./ Visc. Top
147003-1041-001O-ring, Viscometer Bottom
148003-1095-001Fitting, 3/8" "L" Male
149003-1050-001Gasket, Ink Valve (2 / 3 Way)
150003-2001-001Assembly, Ink Tank Adapter
151003-2003-001Assembly, Makeup Tank Adapter
152003-2004-001Transducer, Pressure
153022-1036-001Cable Assy, Pressure Transducer
154003-2012-001Assembly, Bottle Fill Adapter
155003-2031-001Tank, Makeup 2007 (2003-2005)
156003-2030-001Tank, Ink 2007
157019-1023-001Nut, Square Tank Mounting
158003-2007-001Manifold, Ink System 5 valve
159003-2021-001Manifold, Ink System 3 valve
160003-2032-001Manifold, Ink System 4 valve 2008
161003-1022-001Sensor, Viscosity
162003-2010-001Assy, Viscometer (2003-2005/2008)
163003-2024-001Assy, Viscometer (2006-2007)
164022-1013-002Cable Assy, Ink Valve 2007
165022-1013-003Cable Assy, Ink Valve 2008
166005-1044-001Bracket, Cap 2" Post
167005-1081-002Bracket, Printhead Clamp
168005-1082-001Bracket, Photocell Mount
169005-1080-001Bracket, Crossblock 2" x .5"
170005-1026-001Bracket, Flange 2"
171005-1083-001Bracket, Rod Cross Arm, Printhead
172005-1506-001End Cap, Printhead Arm
173005-1502-001Bracket, Rod Handle
174005-1503-001Bracket, Printhead Handle
175005-1075-001Bracket, Alarm Beacon
176005-1028-001Bracket, Leveling Feet
177015-1049-001Bulb, Alarm Beacon
178015-1020-001Cable, Photocell
179005-1069-001Bracket, Conveyor Mount 2"
180005-1027-001Bracket, Post 2" x 5 FT
181005-1070-001Bracket, Post 2" x 2 FT
182015-1021-002Bracket, Fiber Optic
183004-1008-001Cord Grip, 3/8" NPT
184020-1016-001Connector, Molex Microfit 4
185020-1022-001Connector, Molex Microfit 2
186020-1018-001Connector, Molex, Microfit 10
187020-1017-001Connector, Molex, Microfit 6
188020-1019-001Crimp, Molex Microfit 26-30AWG
189020-1020-001Crimp, Molex Microfit 20-24AWG
190014-1077-001Tool, Molex Crimp for Microfit
191015-1059-001Tubing, Positive Air (cost / foot)

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